People like Us

We have named the myriad stars

and the rarest knowledge.

We—just a speck of dust

confined in the vastness,

has so mightily

claimed the universe.

And it is a shame

that you are still here

wide awake at midnight,

pondering about

how hopeless

You feel.

Picture courtesy to the rightful owner


Flawed but Worthy

I don’t mind being flawed. I don’t mind for not being enough, and having lived through some awful moments. It has taken alot to reach here and finally watch the world through a humanly perspective.

That now finally after seventeen years of my life, I have learned to flawlessly fall in love with my flawed existence.

I have finally learned to let go of things I cannot hold, and raise flowers in my chest. Healing is beautiful yet a chaotic journey but at the end, the person you become is worth the loss and lovings that failed.

Our tiniest effort does matter that one day when you are older and when you have almost forgotten about the trauma and people you have been through, what still tells your story are those tiniest from of kindness you showed and self love you showered.

We are never a hopeless creation, it is just that we get lost sometimes and think that we are told flawed.

But that is the most beautiful thing about being a human; to live through the tragedy and still rise so majestically.